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Embracing Innovation: How Presidium Enhanced its Property Operations with Leonardo247

Discover how Presidium utilizes Leonardo247 to transform its multifamily property operations for the modern era.


Established in 2003, Presidium has grown to become a formidable player in the industry, boasting approximately $2.5 billion in assets under management, and an extensive portfolio of multifamily and commercial assets throughout Texas, Florida, Maine, and New Mexico. With a dedicated team of 200+ professionals, Presidium has consistently raised the bar since its inception.

As the property operations landscape evolved in the digital age, Presidium confronted the all-too common challenges of efficiently managing a vast property portfolio while ensuring standard policy adherence. As they sought to elevate operational efficiency and usher their property management practices into the digital age, the need for a modern, integrated solution became increasingly apparent.

“We had sold some of our legacy assets, and when we were going through due diligence, that was the light bulb moment,” said Kellie Sanders, President of Property Management for Presidium. “Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were fantastic, but we needed a more efficient way to monitor and control adherence to them. That’s when we started looking into different platforms. Our objective was to identify an efficient approach for merging our established standard practices with automated processes. We sought a method that would ultimately achieve the task while optimizing workflow. Leo offers the capability to monitor progress and ensure compliance.”

This recognition paved the way for their partnership with Leonardo247.


Some of Presidium’s on-site team members had never worked with electronic devices for work-related purposes, and convincing the workforce to embrace digital tools was not without its challenges. The shift required patience and a gentle, persistent approach to ensure a smooth transition.

Recognizing the importance of a gradual transition, Presidium took measured steps toward implementing Leonardo247. They understood the adoption of new technology must be well-received by all stakeholders. Their journey toward digital transformation was marked by slow and steady progress, ensuring a firm foundation for success.


Streamlined Work Orders – One of the most remarkable transformations witnessed was in the realm of work orders. Leonardo247 swiftly addressed long-standing issues, rendering manual work orders a relic of the past. The platform empowered Presidium’s teams to complete tasks in real-time, enabling them to take pictures, add notes, and provide proof of work right on the spot. This level of transparency and efficiency not only streamlined operations but also improved accountability and communication.

“It solves a lot of the problems we experienced before with manual work orders,” said Joanna Nosewicz, Director of Marketing & Training for Presidium. “Leo247 has improved our Service Team’s day-to-day operations by removing the task of manually printing work orders and managing updates on their own. Our supervisors are able to improve on visual representation by uploading all photos to each work order, customizing task statuses, and changing due dates in order to create efficiencies and track each team member’s performance onsite.”

“Through integration with Yardi and mobile accessibility, we have significantly enhanced our ability to complete recurring tasks and streamline the work order process,” added Kellie Sanders.

Emergency Preparedness – Presidium made emergency utility shut-off location maps for each community accessible via Leonardo247. This ensured that crucial information was even more readily available in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

“Now, in theory, if there’s an emergency going on, the Service Supervisor has his or her device and can immediately reference that map without running into the office,” said Kellie Sanders. “I like the mobile accessibility it has.”


The journey of Presidium with Leonardo247 stands as a remarkable testament to the power of digital innovation in property operations. Their commitment to efficiency, accountability, and proactive operations has reshaped the way they manage their extensive portfolio of properties.

“Leonardo 247 allows our teams to be even more proactive and less reactive throughout the course of their daily work,” said Kellie Sanders. “We had the right practices in place, and now we have even more visibility into the policy adherence and success of our teams.”

As Presidium continues to reap the benefits of Leonardo247’s integrated platform, its story serves as an inspiring example for the entire industry. The experience of Presidium demonstrates that by embracing technology and reimagining established processes, property management can become more efficient, transparent, and responsive to the needs of today’s fast-paced world.

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