Property operations and maintenance so simple it’s genius.

Leonardo247 makes your work easier with a smart software platform that streamlines and simplifies tasks while also helping to lower costs and risk.

A platform with built-in smarts

Property operations and maintenance is hard work. Leonardo247 helps owners and operators by providing a unified platform that streamlines maintenance and operations workflows, automates time-consuming tasks, and helps people get more done more easily and accurately.

Units on the Leonardo247 Platform

Trusted by top property owners and operators

Leo247 100% Club100% Club Members – Each of these owners and operators have Leonardo247 running on 100% of their properties

Everything amazing property operations needs, all in one place

Leo247 puts all your operations and maintenance in the palm of your hand, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Leonardo247 is a unified property operation and maintenance platform, so all your tools are never more than a click away.

At a desk or on-the-go, Leo’s suite of simple, smart solutions means you always have what you need to get the job done wherever that job may be.

Amazing ROI

Use our Quick Calc ROI calculator to see how fast Leo247 can help you save money and boost your NOI. Just answer two quick questions.

The Latest from Leo247

Centralization and the Renter Experience

Centralization and the Renter Experience

Take a look back, as we revisit our Apartment Academy Live recordings that took place at the 2022 NAA Apartmentalize conference in San Diego. Stephanie Oehler from Leonardo247 filled in for Daniel on this episode. She was joined by Brent Williams from Multifamily...

Winter Storm Safety Tips for Multifamily Operators

Winter Storm Safety Tips for Multifamily Operators

From freezing temperatures and piles of snow to icy sidewalks and burst pipes, winter can wreak havoc on your multifamily property. And let’s not forget the indoor hazards of the season: Christmas trees, holiday lights, and those pesky evergreen-scented candles. Risk...

The Leo247 Story

The genesis of Leonardo247 dates back to a time not too long ago when our founder and CEO, Daniel Cunningham, was an asset manager for a well-known real estate investment firm.

His experience in the industry taught him that property operations and maintenance were full of broken processes and systems, which lead him to design the first generation of the Leonardo247 platform.

Hear his story.

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