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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Leonardo247 different?

While other software solutions have some of the same features as Leonardo247 (inspections, work orders, etc.), there is no other platform available that has everything Leonardo247 offers. We offer a one-stop-shop for all things operations and customize our solution to fit our customer’s needs, not the other way around.

Does Leo247 replace our property management software?

Not at all, we work side by side with your property management software. While your PMS is necessary to handle essential resident lifecycle items, such as accounting, resident screening, marketing, rent payments, etc., Leonardo247 complements your PMS by focusing on the lifecycle of the asset, such as preventative maintenance, risk mitigation, inspections, action plans, and other operations items that live outside of the PMS.

How long has Leonardo247 been in business?

The company began in 2011 and the first working prototype was introduced in 2012. Leonardo247 v1.0 was released in 2014 and that same year Leonardo247 won the Launchpad award for Best New Technology Company. V2.0 was released in 2015 with extensive enhancements, and we have been innovating and iterating ever since.

Can I use Leo247 on my non-multifamily assets, such as commercial or mixed-use?

Absolutely, we create custom templates based on your best practices.

Do you have a database of best practices we can implement?

Yes, with our extensive library of best practices, even those companies that don’t have their own SOPS can benefit from partnering with Leonardo247.

Is our information secure?

Yes. Leonardo247 runs on the Amazon Web Services Elastic Commute Cloud (AWS EC2) Dedicated Host backbone. The AWS EC2 platform is the same platform supporting Amazon’s own servers and is integrated with the highest levels of security certifications. All sensitive data is encrypted, and our redundant infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability.

Is there a limit on the number of users in the system?

Absolutely not, in fact, we encourage all teams to deploy Leonardo247 in-order-to streamline operations and communications across the entire organization.

How long does implementation take?

Our implementation process allows your teams to be working in the system in 60 days.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have both Android and iOS applications.

Can I attach a document / photo to a particular action item?

Yes, in fact you can take multiple photos.

Are we able to make changes and build forms ourselves?

Yes. While our customer support teams can create, customize, and edit all templates and forms for you, our easy to use system enables your admins to do the same.

Are Tasks and Inspections assignable?

Yes, tasks and inspections can be assigned by role or to individual users. This can happen when the templates are created, or on the fly.

Do you have custom reporting?

Yes, virtually any data point collected can be reporting against. Whether you are looking for property data, employee data, or entire portfolio data, our custom reporting allows you to filter and export what you need in real-time. You can also schedule any of your custom reports to be delivered via email on a regular basis.

How can I view property performance?

In addition to our custom reporting, we have dashboards for leadership to have real-time visibility into what is or not happening at any given property. These dashboards are available on desktop and mobile devices.