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Mahaffey Achieves Greater Uniformity with Click & Comply

Discover how The Mahaffey Apartment Company transformed its operations with Click & Comply.


When The Mahaffey Apartment Company first partnered with Click & Comply in June 2021, they were looking to create more consistency across their property operations. Established in 1962, the Florida-based firm’s properties operated almost entirely independently from one another, leading to a lack of uniformity. 

“The company has been modernizing in recent years,” said Chris Conlon, Director of Risk Management for Mahaffey. “With the rise in new technology resources in the multifamily sector, we began exploring ways to streamline a lot of the processes. We were trying to achieve greater continuity across the portfolio.” 


Adapting to new technology and systems proved challenging, particularly for some of Mahaffey’s more tenured employees. With that in mind, the implementation spanned approximately six months, commencing with an intentional rollout at one property before extending to others. 

“We took our time with implementation, wanting to get it right at my property first,” said Tim Ecklin, Maintenance Supervisor at Mahaffey’s Lake Carlton Arms property, a 1,912 unit community in Lutz, FL. “We knew if we could get it working here, we could get it working right everywhere.” 


Implementing Click & Comply marked a cultural shift for Mahaffey. Maintenance teams benefitted from real-time reporting, enabling quicker response times. Large macro reports of uncompleted tasks became a valuable tool for enhancing accountability and setting clear expectations for employees. But, the biggest benefit was in the ability to adapt the platform to their specific needs. 

“It’s like being given a dull knife and figuring out how to sharpen it,” said Chris Conlon. 

If there’s something in the platform that doesn’t apply to a particular property, the onsite team can tailor it to match their specific needs. 

“My favorite part about the platform is when I need something changed or modified, I’m able to do it. I don’t have to always go through technical support,” added Tim Ecklin. “We tell our team, ‘If there’s something you don’t like or doesn’t match your property, we can fix that.’” 

The risk management team has also benefited by simplifying workers’ compensation processes, ensuring compliance with Florida state requirements. 

“We created a custom-built form that models the state-mandated forms around workers’ compensation,” said Chris Conlon. “Our intention was never to have a form like that in there. Now we have it and it’s a really streamlined process.” 


The implementation of Click & Comply has modernized Mahaffey’s operations, fostering uniformity and efficiency across its portfolio. Mahaffey now operates with increased efficiency, real-time reporting, and a consistent approach to risk management and maintenance.

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