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Managing the Lifecycle of Your Asset

Leonardo247 is your single solution for superior property & team performance.

Custom Tasks & Workflows

Bring your best practices to life. With daily guidance customized to each property’s unique profile (location, equipment, amenities, etc.), your teams will outperform whether they are seasoned pros or brand-new to your organization.

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Whether it’s a risk management inspection, a yearly equipment performance review, or a resident move-in/move-out inspection, easily create custom forms and have them delivered to the right teams at the right time.

Code Compliance

Enabled by a patented machine learning algorithm, Leonardo247 has invented a way to source and catalog federal, state, and city municipal codes that govern real estate operations. This system is designed to identify when action is required and monitor the codes for any changes, ensuring that your properties remain compliant and avoid any costly violations.

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Document Management

A centralized system automatically saves all your data, providing easy access and unlimited storage for your organization. Our search and retrieval features enable anyone to quickly locate the necessary data and maintain version control. In addition, our document management module can help identify any missing required documents and track upcoming contract expiration dates, issuing alerts before it’s too late.

Work Orders

Simplify the entire work order process with our mobile application. From creating and completing work orders to assigning them to specific team members, sorting and prioritizing them, filtering them, generating reports, and syncing them with your PMS, your team can efficiently manage their work order process while on the go.

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With both desktop and mobile versions, Leo Messenger can ensure seamless communication between devices no matter where your team might be. Your teams can communicate with one another quickly through direct messages or specific channels, while your customer support teams at Leonardo247 can use Messenger to send out important alerts and instructions.

On-Demand Instructions

Store helpful documents, images, videos and links in our On-Demand Instructions section for easy, fast access. Create and/or update any policy, notify team members, and track who has accessed the updates for compliance.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Manage your properties from anytime, anywhere with custom dashboards and reporting. Gain real-time visibility into what’s happening — or not happening — across your entire portfolio.
Easily identify those properties that are performing well and those properties that may require some extra attention.

Platform Features

For the first time you will have real-time visibility into what is happening on your properties. Access dashboards on your desktop or mobile device to quickly identify those properties that are performing well and those that could use some extra attention.

Dynamic forms

Create custom forms designed with check boxes and auto-populating components based on property attributes, making it easy to ask only the relevant questions. With its conditional logic, you can trigger email notifications to specific users, create work orders, tasks, and workflows. Whether you need to build a form with one question or a hundred, provide the flexibility to meet your needs and streamline your workflows.

Photo Annotation

Easily tag and categorize images based on specific criteria, saving you time and increasing efficiency. Whether you're working on a large project or just need to annotate a few photos, this tool is the solution you've been looking for.

Make Ready Board

The whiteboard has been a staple of your office for years. It’s time to make your traditional whiteboard a thing of the past. Accurately track an infinite number of unit turns, so you always know where you stand. The board automatically calculates the average turn time. You can easily assign notes to other users with just a click, creating a more efficient and effective workspace. The board also provides a working area with details and attributes and even allows you to annotate photos, making it the ultimate tool for managing unit turns.

Unit Turns

Launch automatically from your property management system (PMS) as soon as a unit becomes available. Conduct pre-inspections and move-out inspections that include accumulated damages, which are then passed along to the unit ledger for chargebacks. Additionally, Unit Turn allows for any type of unit inspection to be conducted throughout the year, not just move-in/move-out inspections. With its seamless integration into your PMS, Unit Turn streamlines the turn process and makes it easier than ever to manage your rental units.

Approval Automation

Allows for multiple people to review a document before a final version is released. It also includes annotations and rejection options, ensuring that all documents pass through a thorough review process before proceeding. Whether you're working on a project with multiple stakeholders or just need a more efficient way to manage your documents, we have you covered.

Incident Reporting

Streamline the incident reporting process with fast submissions, accurate data, and seamless integration of all components for swift resolution. The reports can be easily distributed to your Risk Management team, enabling you to evaluate and enhance your property's risk management strategy. With a comprehensive view of past incidents, such as break-ins, you can easily track the occurrence rate across all your properties.

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