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Enhance resident and technician satisfaction with 24/7 remote maintenance


To help our customers level up their maintenance efficiency, Leonardo247 has partnered with Latchel, a leading remote maintenance solution, to form Connect247.

Reduce Your Maintenance Expenses

Maintenance works better when requests are solved up front.

How Connect247 helps

Maintenance Efficiency

Shield your team from the 24/7 barrage of maintenance while automating the tedious tasks that suck up your time.

Revenue Generation

Generate more revenues for every door you manage while protecting you and your owners from accidental repair costs.

No Cost Partnership

Improve your margins and turn a traditional cost into revenue by leveraging Connect247’s flexible partnership with zero cost to you.

autopilot for maintenance

Connect247 is your frontline support for resident communication. We pick up your maintenance calls in less than 60 seconds, 24/7/365.

answer resident calls

All Resident Calls

We process all requests and automate troubleshooting.

mobile maintenance workflows

Mobile Web Workflows

Our platform automates dispatch, scheduling, follow-ups, and invoicing.

full control

Full Control

Managers control budget limits, dispatching rules, and approvals on work.

Turn Maintenance Into Ancillary Revenue

Combine maintenance intake with Connect247’s Resident Benefits to transform a traditional cost into new ancillary revenue.

Missed Appointment Fee Reimbursement

If residents get charged a trip fee for a missed maintenance appointment, they can submit it to Connect247 and we will reimburse them for 50% of the cost

$1K in Financial Protection

We’ll pay for accidental damages to help protect the resident’s finances

Lockout Reimbursement

One time use benefit up to for a resident to be reimbursed for a lockout

Free Drain Maintenance packs

Residents will receive drain unclogging snakes in the mail to help reduce plumbing issues.

Move-in Promise

Guarantees move-in maintenance completion in a 2 week time period. If Connect247 fails to accomplish this timeline, the resident receives a $50 gift card to Doordash.

Overnight Stay Reimbursement

Residents get a free night of a hotel stay if we don’t resolve their overnight emergencies fast enough. If it is between 11pm-5am and we don’t have a confirmed vendor in 2 hours

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