Leonardo247 + Turnable

An Even Better Way to Manage Turn

With the combination of Turnable and Leonardo247, student housing operators now have one platform for all their maintenance, operations, and turn needs.

To provide our customers with an even better way to manage turn, Leonardo247 has acquired Turnable, a leading student housing turn management solution.


Turnable simplifies your turn process by allowing you to manage the volume in one location, with automated features, in an easy-to-navigate environment.

From pre-inspections and budgeting to tracking each phase of a turn, such as cleaning, painting, and go-backs, with Turnable, Leonardo247 now represents the most advanced, comprehensive, and reliable student housing turn management platform in the industry.

No Complicated Setup

We understand student housing turns are complicated enough, so we keep things simple.

Make it Your Own

Configurable workflow, services, and integrations with leading student housing software give you the flexibility to do things your way.

Stay Connected.

Whether you are looking for a single property or an entire portfolio, our platform allows you to quickly navigate projects for optimal visibility.

Benefits of Turnable

Capabilities far beyond other solutions mean your business can experience repeatable results for long-term success.

Secure, on-demand platform so you can make informed decisions for not just one turn, but all turns.

Easy to Use

Simple and clean user experience

Team Collaboration

Role-based permissions with simultaneous multi-user access

Configurable Flow

Automated processes can be configured to meet your needs

API Integration

Integrates with leading property management software

Real-Time Analytics

Portfolio and single-property reporting to monitor turn operations

Connect Anywhere

Cloud-based platform accessible from any internet-enabled device

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

Trusted by Top Property Owners and Operators

Turnable is immediately available to Leonardo247 clients and prospects, just in time for the 2024 turn.

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