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Boyd Wilson Streamlines Property Management Operations with NAA Click & Comply

By implementing NAA Click & Comply, Boyd Wilson has entered a new era of efficiency and organization in their property management processes.


Boyd Wilson, a dynamic player in the property management industry, embarked on a transformative journey by adopting NAA Click & Comply, a white-label version of Leonardo247. In this case study, we delve into the impact and improvements witnessed over the course of a year for Boyd Wilson’s executive teams and property managers. We sat down with Lisa Delgado, Vice President of Asset Management at Boyd Wilson, to chat about the company’s journey and the significant changes Click & Comply has brought about. 

Challenges Prior to Implementation 

Before integrating Click & Comply into their property operations, Boyd Wilson faced a multitude of challenges, primarily with incident reporting. The company’s teams were accustomed to manually completing paper forms, which were then scanned and emailed to Lisa Bushey, VP of Property Management. This process was fraught with inefficiencies, as it frequently required several rounds of email exchanges to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the reports. Additionally, attaching incident photos to the reports was a cumbersome and error-prone task. 

Implementation of Click & Comply 

Boyd Wilson’s transition to Click & Comply has brought about a new era of efficiency and organization in their property management processes. This digital solution significantly improved several key areas of their operations:

1. Streamlined Incident Reporting 

Click & Comply allowed Boyd Wilson to create digital incident reporting forms with mandatory fields, ensuring all necessary information was captured. One of the most remarkable features is the flagging of unanswered questions. This makes it impossible for users to submit an incomplete form. Moreover, photos can be uploaded directly into the software as they are taken, simplifying the documentation process. Lisa now receives completed forms for swift approval, as most of the necessary data is already included. This streamlined approach expedites the incident reporting process, a significant improvement from the previous manual process. 

2. Enhanced Inspection Processes 

Click & Comply revolutionizes the way Boyd Wilson conducts inspection reports. They now have real-time insight into when inspections are complete, ensuring pictures are in the reports. Boyd Wilson is executing inspections more promptly and efficiently, increasing property maintenance and resident satisfaction.

3. Training Efficiency and Managing Deadlines 

The digital checklist for training needs, employed for teams, leasing professionals, and property managers, has been a difference-maker. Employees can now easily mark items as completed, accompanied by the date of completion. This system keeps management well-informed about the progress of their teams, enhancing the overall training process.

It also aids property managers in their month-end close process, providing them with a checklist that ensures all necessary tasks are complete. Furthermore, it offers a digital form to help property managers stay up to date with tasks throughout the month, assisting them in meeting deadlines such as reviewing delinquent reports, processing late fees, managing renewals, and conducting property inspections.

4. Digital Forms for Maintenance Logs 

Boyd Wilson has successfully implemented digital forms for managing various maintenance activities, including filter changes, smoke alarm inspections, battery replacements, and pool chemical logs. This digital transformation has greatly improved the organization of inspections and maintenance, providing a seamless process for logging activities and ensuring their timely completion.

Results and Future Outlook 

Lisa is enthusiastic about the positive impact that Click & Comply has had on Boyd Wilson. The transition from manual, paper-based processes to efficient digital solutions has already led to significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, there is a palpable sense of excitement within the company, as they recognize the untapped potential of the software.

Boyd Wilson looks forward to exploring additional features to unlock the software’s full potential, which promises to further enhance their performance, increase efficiency, and provide a framework for organizing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly responsibilities. 

Boyd Wilson anticipates its collaboration with Click & Comply will elevate their property management capabilities and set them on a trajectory toward achieving their loftiest goals.

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