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Self-service due diligence so simple it’s genius.

Save time, money, and effort by supercharging your due diligence with Leonardo247.

Avoid due diligence disasters

Ever feel like your due diligence procedures are a complicated mess just waiting for a disaster to strike? With the Leonardo247 Due Diligence platform disasters are a thing of the past. So simple and smart, Leonardo247 Due Diligence helps you get the deal done faster and more accurately than ever before. 

With due diligence powered by Leonardo247, it’s all blue skies.

One Platform, Numerous Features

Unit Inspections, rent roll analysis, lease file audits, and reporting all in a fully integrated self-serve platform.

Unit x Unit inspection app

Unit x Unit Inspections

You have a lot of units to get through in a short amount of time. Using any mobile device, you can capture all necessary information, take photos, and even tally capital budget items without fear of losing anything regardless of data connectivity.

Property Walk App

Exterior & Common Areas

Using your phone or tablet, walk the common areas noting conditions of the property and amenities using a completely customizable digital inspection form and then produce an expected capital budget report with photos and annotations.

Lease file audit

Lease File Audits & Analysis

Compare paper lease file data to electronic records with lightning speed and then immediately run exception reports and derive key demographic and financial insights. Easily correct and re-upload report data to make sure your final reports read exactly right.

reporting and data export

Reporting & Data Export

The Leonardo247 due diligence reporting engine allows you to download your data into Excel and scrub the data as many times as needed before generating your final professionally-formatted reports.

Due diligence done right

Smart features to streamline your workflows, eliminate errors, and deliver unprecedented flexibility and control

Easy to Use, Self-Serve

Whether you’re using the mobile app for inspections or the web app for updates and reporting, the intuitive interface makes mastering the system as easy as snap, tap, and go.

Smart data-checking

Our system works quietly in the background, allowing your team to focus on correcting and completing the necessary tasks instead of hunting through bad data. With the ability to scrub and re-upload data, produce polished final reports with ease.

Metrics dashboard

Track inspection progress from anywhere. With completion metrics for units by assignment, unit status, tasks completed, velocity by inspector, and more, it’s easy to be nimble and direct your team’s resources where they’re needed.

Rent roll auto-recognition

Capable of recognizing rent roll formats from a diverse range of popular property management systems. Upon uploading, the system processes the data to generate detailed apples-to-apples reports on the rent by unit, occupant, unit size, and other relevant factors.

Faster Inspections

Easily complete unit inspections and property walks while on the go. Setting up forms is a straightforward process, and defaults are pre-populated to ensure you only need to enter the necessary information. Capture inspection photos and annotate them directly within the app, saving both time and effort.


Detailed information on everything from property condition to rent rolls and demographics in a customizable and professional report format. Provides potential buyers with all the necessary information to make an informed assessment and identify potential opportunities and risks.

Dynamic forms

Fully equipped with dynamic inspection forms you can customize to your liking or use as-is to capture all the necessary information. Making last-minute changes and updates is a breeze, and the large-formatted questions are easy for all finger sizes to navigate.

Offline Mode

Work from wherever without worrying about bad WiFi or cell service. All forms, data, and photos are automatically synced with the cloud once you're back online.

Data Export and analysis

Export the data in a standard spreadsheet to perform deeper analysis and identify opportunities to increase rents, prepare capital budgets, generate renovation plans, and other post-acquisition uses.

Here’s what our customers have to say

The Leonardo247 due diligence platform is the due diligence solution of choice for leading property owners and managers across the country.

The choice of leading property owners and managers nationwide

100% of this portfolio’s properties utilize the Leonardo247 operations platform.
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