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Incident Reporting: Your Secret Weapon for Effective Property Risk Management

How does your onsite team handle incidents? Having a plan in place for incident management can offer them peace of mind and provide you legitimate protections.

When it comes to multifamily property risk management, one thing is certain – the unexpected is to be expected. Accidents happen. A resident will slip and fall, or crash their car. Then they’ll likely turn to you for compensation. It comes with the territory.

In these unforeseen moments, timely and accurate documentation becomes your lifeline. Gathering key information and statements from witnesses or those directly involved in the incident is crucial before it vanishes from memory, leaving you without important details.

Incident Reporting for Property Risk Management

Traditionally, tracking loss estimates and incident data has been a cumbersome task. It’s a game of sifting through paperwork, making it a time-consuming and often inefficient process. With the cost of multifamily insurance soaring, risk managers need a more efficient solution to streamline property risk management and operations. 

This is where Leonardo247’s Incident Reporting tool comes into play. It acts as your first line of defense in property risk management. This report enables your risk management staff to react swiftly, allowing you to mitigate potential damages by connecting with those involved, ensuring everyone’s well-being, and understanding their mindsets. Taking appropriate action at this stage is essential.

Benefits of Incident Reporting for Property Risk Management

  • Digital Elegance over Excel Sheets – In today’s fast-paced work environment, incident reports are meant to live in a digital environment, not on an Excel spreadsheet or a binder onsite teams have traditionally relied upon. With Leonardo247, your team can generate and submit incident reports in real time.  No more jotting down notes on paper and stashing reports in dusty folders. Managing risk has never been this effortless.
  • Incident Data Insights – Tracking incident reports within Leonardo247 enables you to monitor the types of incidents that occur over time and even assess the financial impact of those incidents. If you manage a sizable property portfolio, you’ll have the ability to spot regional trends in your property operations.
  • Timely Reports for Protection – Submitting incident reports promptly is your strongest defense. It’s about establishing your perspective of what transpired, just in case it’s needed down the road. Quick action is crucial. Memories fade, and opportunities to collect witness statements can slip away. With Leonardo247, your team will be able to gather critical information in real-time.

Leonardo247’s Incident Reporting feature is your secret weapon for property risk management. It transforms complex, time-consuming data into actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and enhance your property risk management. Take control of your property operations. At Leonardo247, we believe we’re more than just a data provider. We’re your partner in risk management. Request a demo of our Incident Reporting feature today.

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