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How to Implement Proptech Software Successfully

The real estate industry, the multifamily real estate industry, in particular, is ensconced in tradition. However, in recent years the emergence of proptech solutions has significantly disrupted the industry. Forward-thinking operators are realizing the benefits of embracing technology. It enables them to focus on improving the lives of their current and prospective residents while enhancing their ability to retain top talent.

Despite the obvious benefits, many operators remain resistant to change. Why? The idea of implementing new technology is intimidating. Questions and doubts fill your mind. Can I really afford it? Will my maintenance team even use this? We already have too much on our plate. Why don’t we wait until we grow to adopt this? I don’t have the time to train my teams. 

In this blog, we’ll help you cast your doubts aside by providing practical tips on what makes for a successful rollout of your proptech software: from key considerations to stakeholder communication, and training.

Let’s get started.


During pre-implementation, your software provider will work with you to collect the required information for a smooth proptech software implementation. Here are some questions to help you prepare:

  • Who are the key stakeholders? 
  • Are you using a property management system? If so, do you want to integrate that software with Leonardo247?
  • What specific tasks/workflows are of the utmost importance?
  • Are you interested in reports or data sets from particular tasks/workflows? 
  • Do you have an internal training department? Does your software vendor provide training?
  • What is your desired launch date?

Involve Key Stakeholders

A common issue that arises with proptech software implementation is the people who are actually required to use the new software aren’t involved until too late in the process. While you may have spearheaded the decision to implement new software, for long-term success, it’s critical to get adoption across your organization during these early stages. From your Regional Vice Presidents to the Property Managers to the maintenance staff, and everyone in between, each member of your team has a role to play.

Internal communication is key. Every department will likely have different questions, but here are a few to address up front to keep everyone on the same page. What is being implemented? Why, when, and how will this affect my daily routine? What is this not including? What will remain the same? How soon will this new software rollout?

Proptech Software Implementation Overview

  • SOP Audit – In order to make this software work for you, your vendor should provide a comprehensive overview of standard operating procedures (SOPs) built within their system. Their implementation team will go through and highlight best practices for potential tasks or forms.
  • Establish Communication Plan – Involve your key stakeholders early and often throughout the implementation process. As leadership, it is up to you to establish a communication plan for your internal team (you really can’t over-communicate here). Rely on your software vendor to set up onboarding training for you and your team.
  • Systems Review – You’ve finally made it! Your new software is successfully set up and customized to your liking. During this final step, you have one more chance to provide feedback prior to launch.

Proptech Implementation Made Easy

Implementing new technology enables operators to provide residents with a greater experience, and helps them retain the top talent that is hard to come by in the multifamily real estate industry.

Initially, you may feel like you lack the technical background necessary to effectively utilize new technology to the fullest. However, by embracing the digital transformation and the technologies that come with it, you begin to transform your communities, empower your employees, and have full visibility and accountability across your portfolio.

At Leonardo247, we make the implementation process as painless as possible. With the help of our implementation team, you’ll be up and running in a matter of weeks. To learn more, schedule a demo of Leonardo247 today!

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