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Why You Need Technology for Amenities Management

Multifamily communities are evolving. Resident priorities are changing. As a competitive market, apartment owners stand out by elevating the amenities they offer at their properties. From state-of-the-art fitness centers, resort-style pools, sophisticated clubhouses, dog parks, and breweries, each new multifamily community raises the stakes, and for a good reason.

Multifamily owners, operators, and investors are increasingly aware of the impact amenities have on renting decisions. Offering amenities give your communities added value to help them retain residents and attract new ones. In fact, according to a 2021 survey, 87 percent of current multifamily renters say amenities significantly influence their renting decision. Additionally, 94 percent of respondents said they would consider paying higher rent for improved onsite amenities.

As this so-called “amenity war” rages on, it puts additional pressure on your property managers and maintenance staff. What amenities do their residents find most desirable? How do they maintain the amenities so that residents get the most out of them?

Technology makes overseeing this aspect of your business more manageable.

Technology and Amenities Management

There is really no comparison between the multifamily amenities of today, versus those built decades ago. In the 1980s and 90s, you could probably get away with basic amenities such as in-unit laundry, air conditioning, or a playground. Today’s renter desire a higher level of luxury and convenience out of their multifamily living space. High-end kitchens and countertops, energy-efficient appliances, community-wide Wi-Fi, their own outdoor space, and even fitness classes are some of the most desirable amenities young renters are looking for.

Maintaining all these upscale amenities can feel overwhelming. Between unit inspections, dealing with a backlog of maintenance requests, and completing more pertinent day-to-day tasks, your property managers and maintenance teams already have a lot on their plate. Vacuuming the fitness center, or emptying the pool filter is the least of their concerns.

Employee buy-in is always one of the more difficult aspects of incorporating technology into everyday processes. However, utilizing amenities management technology will make your team more efficient. Technology helps your property managers get more organized, and allows them to easily delegate the appropriate tasks to members of their team. Rather than relying on pen and paper to keep track of tasks, maintenance teams will have a single source of truth where they can log in and easily check for any amenity-related tasks or inspections – all from the comfort of a mobile device.

Multifamily Amenity Management Just Got Easier

Amenities often serve as the reason why a potential renter would choose you over another property. Leonardo247 can help you manage your amenities by providing you with up-to-date reports showing your property managers and maintenance teams are completing any tasks or inspections related to amenities management. This gives you peace of mind, knowing every task related to preserving your biggest difference maker is being performed on time. Schedule a demo today to see Leonardo’s amenity management capabilities in action!

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