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How to Make Multifamily Health and Safety Assessments Healthier and Safer

Health and safety assessments are crucial for successful multifamily operations. Leonardo247 makes it easier — watch to see how!

Health and safety assessments in multifamily properties are an aspect of property operations that people don’t often think about

Health and Safety Assessments in Multifamily Operations

When you think about multifamily operations, you probably think about preventative maintenance, or risk management and leasing. But this is a people business. And as a result, you run into a lot of health and safety issues that also need to be managed from time to time.

These are residential properties. There are obviously a number of COVID-related things that people are contending with now. We never had to think about health checks before. But there have always been things like bloodborne pathogen handling.

You’re dealing with people that live in apartments, and sometimes bad things happen in those apartments. Those things can expose your community managers and your service managers to things that they might not want to be exposed to.

Protocols for Health and Safety Assessments are Crucial (and Inconvenient)

There are health and safety protocols that go along with proper property operations to mitigate your employees’ exposure to health and safety matters. It’s important to make sure that if employees are exposed to something, they’re taking the right steps to mitigate risk and handle hazardous materials in a proper fashion.

But that’s very difficult, especially with procedures or protocols that don’t happen often. It’s easy to forget what those are and lose track of them until suddenly you need them, and usually you need them immediately.

You need to give people quick access to that information. And you need to make sure that they’ve got the right guidance with the latest forms and the procedures. But all of that can be difficult if that stuff is stored in a binder on a shelf somewhere.

Providing Processes in a Digital Workflow

Leonardo247 provides a couple of different tools for health and safety assessments. First, you can store any process that your teams need to follow in a workflow. If you have, for example, a mold remediation process or an asbestos remediation process, you can store those. And those are two big health and safety concerns that people have to contend with.

You can have a process that says what they need to be doing and provides the form they need to fill out. It explains what photos they need to take. And it provides the all-clear letter that you need to procure before anyone goes back into that apartment.

You can express all of that stuff in a workflow. That way, everyone across your entire organization knows exactly what they need to do. They just launch the workflow and Leonardo247 starts giving them that guidance.

With Leonardo247, you have workflows to help solve these problems, but you also have a way to codify processes, and an on-demand instruction section.

Let’s say your teams need to find out more about MSDS sheets, for example, or bloodborne pathogens, or COVID health and safety regulations. That can all be stored in your on-demand instruction section. People can easily search for and find what they’re looking for while they’re on site. And you’re providing consistency and accountability for these serious instances across your entire portfolio.

No More Uncertainty

Now the uncertainty of whether or not the community service manager knows what to do when a bad thing happens at a property is removed from the equation. There’s no question now because it’s all built into Leonardo247.

The on-demand instructions are easy to find. And people actually read them.

If you have:

  • Upcoming events to keep people in with proper certifications
  • Expirations that you need to track for insurance or contracts
  • Specific inspections that you need to conduct on a regular basis

You can schedule all of those in Leonardo247. And the system automatically pushes them out proactively, not reactively, which makes a major difference.

Now, let’s say you do have an unfortunate event at a property. You can use Leonardo247 to prove that the proper inspections or risk mitigation procedures or protocols were followed. That can mitigate your exposure to claims and other kinds of liability that go hand-in-hand, unfortunately, with running apartment buildings.

To learn more about improving your health and safety assessments in multifamily properties with Leonardo247, click here to request a demo.

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