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“We’ve built this whole incredible process that just simplifies everything, gives us more reporting… and just solved a lot of different problems for us.”

Travis Coley
Director of Training & Development, Cambridge Management

Why did our clients choose Leonardo 24/7?

“Leonardo247 is not optional. We require all properties and ownership groups to implement Leonardo247 because we believe it is that critical for our continued success.”

Chad Cooley
Managing Director Strategic Support Services, Bozzuto

“In ten years we will look back as an industry, and not remember how we could have performed our workday without this technology.”

— Frank Lindy
Owner, Lindy Property Management

“You guys have been great to partner with us and help us along the way.”

Merrcy Moore
Executive Portfolio Manager/Analyst, FPI Management

“What we’ve talked to our teams about, especially the community managers and service managers, is this isn’t big brother checking up on you. This is a system that is going to take the worry and the stress of you having to remember everything.”

— Brittany Barclay
Regional Property Manager, Tribridge Residential

“I find Leonardo247 reminds me of critical tasks and makes me feel more in control of my property. It’s easy to use and I love the extra assurance that I haven’t forgotten anything!”

Fermanda Jimenez
Property Manager, City Place, Stout Management

“I think Leonardo247 is truly remarkable. We can customize how our building preventive maintenance and overall day to day operations are managed based on each building’s physical assets. We can easily store and retrieve documents and create customized reports, and we literally use all of these features every day. The possibilities seem endless. Leonardo247 is truly the most powerful and user-friendly building management software I have ever worked with.”

Jack Verner
Director, Building Systems, Bozzuto Management Company


“I am so passionate about this product and how it bridges the gap between the skills one possesses for the job, and the ones they need to excel at the job. Our properties that are consistently compliant within Leo247 are our top performing properties. The two are inextricably linked!”

Lauren Curley
Director of Business Development, Bonaventure

“ConAm made the decision to partner with Leonardo247 to ensure our associates and properties are given technical tools to not only be efficient, but also accountable and transparent. Opening up the view into our daily workflow ensures critical dates are met, tasks are not deferred, and our performance is solid. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship.”

Julie Brawn-Whitesides
Executive Vice President, ConAm

“Leonardo is a convenient, customizable program for everything related to our fast-paced property management industry. Leonardo helps our onsite team proactively manage the day to day operations of our community, enabling us to be more productive and efficient in our continuously growing, and competitive property management environment!”

Lauren France
Everett Community Director, FPI

“Let’s be frank, we spend a lot of time and money on ‘mistake management’, Leonardo 247 is the first company to address this issue, by proactively ensuring tasks are completed timely and correctly. This saves us time, aggravation and money!


Brian Kroker
COO, Lindy Property Management


“The customer service and support I get from the Leo team is beyond words. Any issues or questions I may have is responded in a very fast and professional manner. I am grateful to work alongside with everyone at Leo247 and I feel very comfortable reaching out whenever I need to.”

— Sean Hy
Regional Maintenance Manager, Bozzuto

“Leonardo provides Lindy the metrics to evaluate how our team performs throughout a diverse portfolio. Leo assigns the right person, to the right task, at the right time, using the right resources. Leonardo247 ‘grades’ our performance which empowers our team to grow and become stronger together.”

— Frank Lindy
Owner, Lindy Property Management

“Leonardo247 helps me to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!”

— Jane Sorman
Business Manager, Lincoln Properties

“Leonardo247 was the perfect solution to completing our paperless initiative!”

— Robin Flagler
president, AION Management

“We now have one place we can go for all of our maintenance reporting and tracking. Before using Leonardo247, the reporting would be in several places, now everything is right at our fingertips.”

— Joshua Austin, CAM, NALP
Regional Manager, Olympus

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