Managing the Lifecycle of Your Asset

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Custom Tasks & Workflows

Bring your best practices to life through Leonardo247’s task, workflow, and process automation tools.

By delivering daily guidance that is customized to each property’s unique profile (location, equipment, amenities, etc.), your teams will outperform whether they are seasoned pros or brand-new to your organization.

Real-time visibility from any device.

“Leo247 gives us accountability and transparency across virtually every workflow.”

Julie Brawn-Whitesides

Executive Vice President, Property Management, ConAm

Top 10 based on criticality and due date.

Recurring tasks such as daily pool chemical testing and logging.

As needed tasks such as incident reporting.

Multi-phase workflows such as new hire on-boarding.

Leave comments, take photos, create a work order and escalate if needed in one place, in real-time.


Whether it’s a risk management inspection, a yearly equipment performance review, or a resident move-in/move-out inspection, you can easily create custom forms within Leonardo247 and have them delivered to the right teams at the right time.

“Leonardo247 has changed the way we operate for the better across the board. It takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done. This is a HUGE weight off the company’s shoulders. I cannot state enough how much this helps. Also, having new inspection features located in one place for easy navigation and information retrieval is amazing.”

Chris Moffett

Regional Maintenance Manager, Greystar

Daily inspections such as property walks.

Unit inspections tie all data to the corresponding unit.

Critical annual inspections.

Code Compliance

Enabled by a patented machine learning algorithm, Leonardo247 has invented a way to source and catalog federal, state, and city municipal codes that govern real estate operations. The system will identify when action is required and then monitor the codes for changes so your properties stay compliant and avoid costly violations.

“Greystar is always looking for solutions to improve our operations to ensure our clients and customers only experience best-in-class service. Leo’s ability to create automated code tasks for our teams to remain compliant with local codes and regulations has been a game-changer – this feature alone made it a simple decision for us to implement across our entire U.S. portfolio.”

Mike Clow

Executive Director of Real Estate Operations, Greystar

Identify all missing, on-notice, or expiring documents in one convenient dashboard view.

Document Management

Leo247 automatically saves all data in one place allowing for convenient access and unlimited storage. Our search and retrieve features make it simple for anyone in your organization to locate what they need and maintain version control. You can also use our document management module to identify any missing required documents or track upcoming contract expiration dates and push out an alert before it is too late.

“Implementing Leonardo247 within our organization has brought us to the 21st century. Using Leonardo247 allows for instant access and an official repository for data that is needed frequently. In addition, the opportunity to be up-to-date with local ordinances, specifically related to fire/life/safety, has been amazing, especially as we work on budgets. Leonardo has allowed us to streamline processes and become more organized as a company.

Brandi Boudoin

RVP, Tribridge Residential

Work Orders

Our mobile application allows your team to manage their entire work order process while out in the field.

Leo247 is designed for easy management of the entire work order process including, create, complete, assign to a specific user, sort, report, prioritize, filter and sync with your PMS.


Increase productivity by simplifying communication through the Leo Messenger.

With both desktop and mobile versions, Leo Messenger can ensure seamless communication between devices no matter where your team might be. Your teams can communicate with one another quickly through direct messages or specific channels, while your customer support teams at Leonardo247 can use Messenger to send out important alerts and instructions.

On-Demand Instructions

Store helpful documents, images, videos and links in our On-Demand Instructions section for easy, fast access. Create and/or update any policy, notify team members, and track who has accessed the updates for compliance.

“Leonardo247 has allowed us to more efficiently keep track of our community operations. We can quickly see what upkeep is happening on our communities and where we need to improve. It stores critical information we need regarding preventative maintenance, elevator inspections, gate inspections, incident reports and Certified Pool Operator or HVAC certifications so we can easily go to one place. It has ultimately saved myself and my teams hours of paperwork/filing!
Geoffrey Gonzales, CAM

Regional Manager, Olympus

Real-time portfolio performance metrics.

Dashboards & Reporting

Manage your properties from anywhere, anytime. Our dashboards and custom reports offer real-time visibility into what’s happening — or not happening — across your entire portfolio.

Leadership can easily identify those properties that are performing well and those properties that may require some extra attention.

I have been able to shave about 30 minutes off my weekly reporting time. Leonardo247 is a great tool that helps FPI MGT/Inland achieve and maintain a high standard of maintenance.”
Eric Brodahl

Regional Maintenance Supervisor, FPI MGT/Inland

Quickly identify which properties may need extra attention.

PDF, Excel, and BI reporting available.