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Why Efficient Employee Communication is So Important

Efficient employee communication saves time for managers, operators, and residents alike. Click to see how Leonardo247 makes it possible.

Efficient employee communication is a must-have in property management, but effective communication can be difficult for a number of reasons.

First of all, property operations covers lots of tasks and projects that require different levels of expertise in subjects like:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Risk management
  • Marketing
  • Investor relations
  • Real estate law
  • Resident complaints about the barking dog upstairs

That’s a lot of subjects that folks on-site are expected to be experts in, all while dealing with lots of distractions. But it’s hard for one person to know it all, much less remember it all.

The Frustrations of Constant Employee Communication

These issues require you to communicate constantly with folks on-site. If you have regional managers, for example, one of their responsibilities is to communicate with the local community managers and service managers. They’ll send emails, they’ll send text messages. They’ll want them to log onto a website and store information, or physically go to a filing cabinet and pull out reports. And that’s a real struggle in the chaos of on-site operations.

One way to mitigate all of that is to train people so that they know everything they’re supposed to be doing. But there’s a lot of training involved, and this industry has a high turnover rate. So even if you have somebody who’s completely trained in everything they need to be doing, that person might be gone in 18 or 24 months. And all of that training and institutional knowledge walks out the door with them.

Without on-site, on-demand, and in-depth guidance, operators and managers are really forced into a reactive mode. That’s why regional managers are so important — they’re there to keep people on track.

One Source for Effective Property Management

By and large, community managers and service managers who are receiving all this feedback and input from different mediums just want one source for what they need to do today. And with Leonardo247 in place, all of the text messages, emails, and phone calls to make sure that certain jobs are done go away.

With Leonardo247, operators know exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how they need to do it. They have the right forms, the right inspections, the right checklists, and the right procedures. You just ask them to execute because everything they need to do is right in front of them.

Also, Leonardo247 gives operators and managers visibility into the proactive tasks attached to a property’s policies and procedures. Those tasks are married to work orders and the reactive side of property management.

Operators can go to one interface every day and see everything they need to be doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to be a good steward of that property. And that’s a much more effective way to communicate with them.

Real-Time Visibility

At the same time, executives and owners have real-time visibility as teams complete tasks in the field. You can know for certain that those things are being done. There’s no mystery on either end.

We like to say that you can leave the minutia up to Leonardo247. Because it’s not the best use of a regional property managers’ time to come on-site and say, “Did you change the filters?”

That’s the minutia that Leonardo247 can track. We’ll let you know when you have a problem and you can focus on the things that improve your bottom line like marketing and leasing.

Leonardo247 covers the minutia by providing guidance when necessary. And when you need to get involved because somebody’s falling behind or they’re not meeting all of the compliance items they need to meet, we’ll let you know.

The net result of that is you’ll have much more time and attention for the things that matter most. You can filter out distractions. And the regional property managers will be more effective in their jobs as well.

Real-Time Employee Communication

In addition to task management and pushing tasks out to the teams on-site, Leonardo247 has a messenger function. With the messenger function, community managers can join a channel where they can communicate with all of the community managers across your portfolio, for example, and ask questions about certain procedures or vendor management.

Regional managers also have a channel that can reach everyone on their teams. And residents can send a text to one number that will appear in the Leonardo messenger. Everyone goes to one place to communicate with corporate employees, colleagues at other properties, residents, and vendors. And that one place makes it easy to communicate and do the work efficiently.

Learn more about how Leonardo247 makes employee communication more effective — click here to contact us and request a demo!

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