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The Residential Property Management App That Makes You Better

A residential property management app can streamline your processes, contract reviews, task management and more. See how in this video!

Honestly, I didn’t know that we actually needed a residential property management system like Leonardo247 until I reached out about some due diligence needs.

I sat through the demo and my mind was absolutely blown. I thought, “Wow, this could be a really great program to help streamline all of our processes, make sure we’re meeting deadlines, and reviewing contracts.” All kinds of different things.

A Residential Property Management System Built For Your Teams

Our teams, especially the community managers and the service managers, appreciate that this isn’t ‘Big Brother’ checking up on you. This system takes away the worry and the stress of having to remember everything.

So much work goes into residential property management, especially multifamily management.
People outside of our industry don’t necessarily understand that sometimes.

You’re dealing with fair housing issues, construction, renovation programs, your residents’ day-to-day issues, service animals, ESAs, and so many other things for them to remember. And that’s not even getting into legal lease paperwork.

Leonardo247 is a software system that can remind them of things that are due, especially if they’re new to that property. It also helps employees who may have transferred to that area and aren’t used to the local or municipal laws. Leonardo takes the worry and the stress out of those issues.

Empower Employees to Succeed with The Knowledge They Need

We’ve talked about how it’s going to be a huge cost saver. Leonardo also creates more chances for our site team members to shine. When an owner call happens and we can say, “Don’t worry about that, we have that scheduled six months out, we know what’s coming,” it’s really impressive.

Leonardo247 gives team members confidence when they’re working with different investments and ownership groups, which can accelerate their own careers. Frankly, I think that’s really important to them too.

We really enjoyed identifying and defining what an urgent need was during the implementation process. We needed to make sure that our team members knew what was important and what we don’t really emphasize. Having the ability to customize the tool to what fits our needs and not just check boxes was really, really huge.

You get so inundated in the day to day. Sometimes taking a step back and going through an implementation process can clarify what’s important. Having calls with your customer service team and implementation team members has really made us focus on what is essential.

Everything’s important if you talk to a client, of course, and we have to prioritize things for our team members if we want them to be efficient and effective. This will definitely increase our efficiency. Our team members will feel the impact too, which we’re really excited about.

Integrating Local & Municipal Data

The ability to corral the local municipality changes for fire, life, safety, and inspections have been crucial. That was a big piece that we were constantly missing from a budgeting standpoint.

We were always playing catch up and having these huge misses because of that. Learning that Leonardo247 goes out and crawls for that data and then integrates it into the system was a huge piece for us.

We chose to go with the Leonardo platform because we are trying to streamline our processes. We didn’t want to introduce a bunch of different systems for our on-site teams to manage.

When we started talking about putting new programs in place, the overwhelming response from our site teams was a groan and an eye roll. Like, here we go again, here’s another system that we have to roll out. Finding something that encompasses everything that we’re looking for from a streamlined platform was also huge for us.

Implementing Real Estate Property Management Easily

Implementing any new system takes a lot of time and detail. We’re excited because Leonardo encompasses so many different factors and pieces that it’s easier to implement.

We also feel like the penetration is going to be higher with our site teams because we’re consolidating implementation with one vendor.

There are several companies that offer pieces of what Leonardo offers. The sophistication of the software itself, however, made us more comfortable with it. And customer service has been outstanding. We really appreciate all of the instant feedback and communication that we get from the team members.

Also, our site team members appreciate only having to go through one training and having one log-in instead of 17 different log-ins. Those are the little things that can become very frustrating.

In this industry, we have so many new initiatives. Everything is marketed as newer and better. And it’s the site teams that have to struggle with all of the different systems and software.

If you’re considering Leonardo247, just do it. It’ll save your life.

It will help you be more efficient. You’ll meet all those deadlines and catch things before they happen. Instead of playing defense, you can actually be proactive and go on offense.

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