Leonardo247 Debuts Alien Tracking Capabilities Ahead of Government UFO Report

Jun 2, 2021 | News & Updates

Leonardo247 Debuts Alien Tracking Capabilities Ahead of Government UFO Report

Multifamily real estate managers can be prepared for any “encounter” with Leonardo247’s automated operations and workflow software

LOS ANGELES–Leonardo247, the leader in remote monitoring of onsite multifamily operations, today announced its new alien tracking tools to cover virtually any situation for multifamily property owners in preparation for potential “Close Encounters.” The announcement comes ahead of the national UFO report that the Director of National Intelligence and Secretary of Defense are expected to publish later this month.

Leonardo247’s comprehensive property management inspection and workflow automation features can prepare multifamily real estate operators for any interplanetary situation including:

  • Workflows – Whether it is a UFO sighting or all-out alien invasion, Leonardo247 can create a process to collect incident data, create real-time reports, and minimize risk to a property.
  • Reporting – Leonardo247 can provide real time reporting and visibility into any kind of on-site activity, streamlining communication regarding UFO sightings, recovered debris from crashed UFOs, and catalog missing residents or employees that may have been abducted.
  • Operational Guidance – From how to properly handle alien slime residue to summoning the national guard to evacuate residents, Leonardo247 can provide guidelines on how to handle any sticky or slimy situation an apartment owner might encounter.

“Alien invasion may not have been high on the list of potential risk factors for most apartments, but this demonstrates that there’s no property operational concern – on this planet or beyond – that we can’t solve with Leonardo247,” said Daniel Cunningham, CEO of Leonardo247. “Leonardo247 is all about managing operational risk and providing peace of mind that your teams can execute flawlessly even when presented with unfamiliar or uncommon processes.”

The special UFO report will be submitted to Congress detailing UFO data and intelligence analyses collected by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and the FBI. This information can identify any potential national security threats and how the government will be handling the mysterious flying objects.

About Leonardo247

Leonardo247 is the first of its kind remote performance management software that streamlines operations for real estate managers by delivering daily tasks, workflows, inspections, and procedures to on-site operations teams and offers management executives real-time visibility into compliance with policies and procedures. Leonardo247 mitigates operational risk and improves consistency, transparency and accountability across an entire organization. We are not connected in any way with any US Intelligence agency charged with investigating unidentified aerial phenomenon, as far as you know. For more information, visit www.leonardo247.com.