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Hear firsthand how Leonardo247 customers leverage the power of our software to optimize performance, mitigate risk, and improve operations across their portfolios.

“I think Leonardo247 is truly remarkable. We can customize how our building's preventive maintenance and overall day to day operations are managed based on each building’s physical assets. We can easily store and retrieve documents and create customized reports, and we literally use all of these features every day. The possibilities seem endless. Leonardo247 is truly the most powerful and user-friendly building management software I have ever worked with.”

Jack Verner
Director, Building Systems, Bozzuto Management Company

“The customer service and support I get from the Leonardo247 team is beyond words. Any issues or questions I may have is responded to in a very fast and professional manner.”

Sean Hy
Regional Maintenance Manager, Bozzuto

“We now have one place we can go for all of our maintenance reporting and tracking. Before using Leonardo247, the reporting would be in several places, now everything is right at our fingertips.”

Joshua Austin, CAM, NALP
Regional Manager, Olympus

“I have been able to shave about 30 minutes off my weekly reporting time. Leonardo247 is a great tool that helps FPI MGT/Inland achieve and maintain a high standard of maintenance.”

Eric Brodahl
Regional Maintenance Supervisor, FPI MGT/Inland

“Implementing Leonardo247 within our organization has brought us to the 21st century. Using Leonardo247 allows for instant access and an official repository for data that is needed frequently. In addition, the opportunity to be up-to-date with local ordinances, specifically related to fire/life/safety, has been amazing, especially as we work on budgets. Leonardo has allowed us to streamline processes and become more organized as a company.”

Brandi Boudoin
RVP, Tribridge Residential

“Leonardo247 has allowed us to more efficiently keep track of our community operations. We can quickly see what upkeep is happening on our communities and where we need to improve. It stores critical information we need regarding preventative maintenance, elevator inspections, gate inspections, incident reports and Certified Pool Operator or HVAC certifications so we can easily go to one place. It has ultimately saved myself and my teams hours of paperwork/filing!”

Geoffrey Gonzales
CAM Regional Manager, Olympus

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