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Vendor Series- Resident Engagement and Experience

Season 2
Season 2
Vendor Series- Resident Engagement and Experience

jude chiy


TOPIC: This week’s visiting professor is Jude Chiy, Founder of Flamingo. Flamingo is an all-in-one resident engagement and experience platform that makes it easy for residents to utilize resident portal experience through one app. We spoke with Jude on why he believes resident engagement and satisfaction is important for property managers.

Learn about Jude’s journey from starting off in pre-med to the apartment industry, resolving in the creation of Flamingo. Jude was inspired by the importance of wellness and prevention and aspired to bring wellness into where people work, live and play. Throughout his journey, Jude saw the challenges that property managers face and how technology can make their lives easier and created Flamingo.

How Technology can help property managers

There are a lot of factors that go into hosting an event as a property manager. From notifying residents, getting them excited about the event, sending out RSVPS, and other logistics that property managers can’t balance with their other priorities on a day-to-day basis. That’s where utilizing technology comes into play and helps ease a property manager’s workload. Having everything a property manager would need to generate events for residents all in one place is a helpful solution.

Impact events have on community

Allowing opportunities for residents to interact with each other builds a much stronger sense of community. A lot of property managers already understand the value of and reasons why they do events. Understanding what makes your residents happier and more likely to renew at your property can make a difference, such as looking at data correlation of event reviews and identifying residents that renew at a higher rate and leave higher satisfaction scores.

The Key to Running a Successful Event

Marketing is key component when it comes to planning an event as a property manager. Most site teams tend to focus more of their time on the logistics of the event and less time on marketing. It is important to get your residents excited about the event in multiple ways besides your standard email messaging.

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