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Attracting and Retaining Talent in Multifamily

2024 Episodes
2024 Episodes
Attracting and Retaining Talent in Multifamily

Amanda Lingenfelser, Training and Recruiting Manager at Confluence Companies, joins Daniel Cunningham on Apartment Academy to discuss one of his favorite subjects – employee training. Amanda offers practical advice on how to help you better recruit, train, and retain your top talent in multifamily.

Overcoming the Awareness Gap in Recruiting

Recruiting talent in multifamily can be challenging due to a general lack of awareness about the career opportunities available. Amanda highlights how many people do not consider property management as a viable career path. Most industry professionals, including Amanda, “fell into it” rather than seeking it out.

To address this, Amanda recommends proactive recruiting strategies. She shared her experience of “boots on the ground recruiting”. She even took to visiting local malls and engaged with potential candidates in retail environments. By identifying individuals with excellent customer service skills, Amanda was able to attract talent who may not have considered a career in multifamily.

“I went into this store, and as soon as I walked in, the young lady at the counter said, ‘I love your shoes,’ and in my mind, I said, ‘You have a new job,’” recalls Amanda. “So I just kind of talked to her, and as I was talking to her, she’s telling me she loves helping people. And at the essence, isn’t that what we do is just help people.”

Effective Training Programs

Training is another critical component of building a successful team in the multifamily industry. Amanda emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations and providing comprehensive training over an extended period. She advises new leasing consultants to spend about 12 months learning the nuances of their role.

How does she go about this in her own job? Confluence Companies takes a multi-faceted approach to training, including individual onsite training, group training sessions, and a mentor program. This ensures team members receive tailored training and continuous support. Amanda also integrates learning management systems for process-oriented training. Although she prefers delivering much of the content in person to ensure engagement and understanding.

“After their first week, they get assigned a mentor who’s in their same role, and that person is their go-to for the next 60 days to help them learn all the things about their role,” says Amanda. “It’s really just making sure that you’re hitting all the basics and not just assuming one type of training will cover everybody.”

Retaining Talent

Retaining talent in multifamily is particularly challenging due to the demanding nature of the job. Amanda emphasizes the importance of investing in your employees’ development and well-being. Confluence Companies offers a generous PTO policy and encourages employees to take mental health days to cope with the stress of property management.

Amanda believes making employees feel valued and continuously providing learning opportunities are key to retention. She also highlights the need for job seekers to choose roles and companies that align with their career goals and personal values.

“Multifamily can give you a life that you never dreamed of,” says Amanda. “17-year-old me did not go into that leasing office thinking that one day I would be training people on how to do leasing. If you have a passion, if you love numbers, if you love people, if you love marketing, if you love development, there is a place for you in multifamily. Don’t be afraid to look for it. Don’t be afraid to put your name out there. Get connected with people because we’re looking for you, I promise.”


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