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As an insurance agent you know that the longest-lasting client relationships are those where your clients feel like you’re adding value to their business beyond just going to market for the lowest rates possible. New risk management technology offered by Leonardo247 can offer you the opportunity to not only help your clients establish good risk mitigation practices and reduce exposure to loss, but Leonardo247 actually helps owners of multifamily real estate operate their properties more efficiently. You can save them money on insurance and help them improve their overall business operations at the same time!

We are leaders in Operational Management Systems (OMS). Property operations are graduating into the digital age, led by us; and when you team with us, your clients as well as you will benefit greatly.

How We Support You

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As a Leonardo247 partner, you will receive training on how exactly an OMS system can provide consistency, accountability and transparency in property operations which helps ensure that risk mitigation procedures are being followed at every property in their portfolio. We’ll provide all of marketing materials you’ll need to introduce the product to your clients and set up a demo with a Leonardo sales team member. As a partner you’ll receive compensations for each of these demos that are set up which are based 100% on the license fees earned by Leonardo’s from your client and NOT based on any insurance products or premiums.

You don’t need to become an expert to recommend our product, with some basic understanding of product features, you can lean into our program and we will handle the rest.

How We Support Your Client

Over 1,000,000 multifamily units are run by Leonardo247 and we have an account management team dedicated to onboarding and training clients so that their experience in launching Leonardo247 is far easier than any other software platform they’ve ever experienced.

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Let Leonardo247 help position you as not just an insurance agent, but a trusted resource who can add value to their business. By offering your clients a risk mitigation platform like Leonardo, each client will see you as their partner!

Provide them with solutions as a Leonardo247 Strategic Partner.

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