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Leonardo247 and Latchel Announce Exclusive Partnership to Bring All-Hours Maintenance to Multifamily Operators

Clients will generate more revenue for every door, resulting in an unprecedented ROI for community owners and operators

PLANO, TX – Leonardo247, the leading provider of automated property operations and maintenance software for real estate operators, announced today its exclusive partnership with Latchel, a modern work order coordination platform. This strategic partnership allows Leonardo247 to provide all-hours maintenance support for real estate operators, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of work orders.

Leonardo247 will integrate with Latchel’s innovative platform, comprised of the largest work order call center in the industry coupled with an AI solution to quickly assess work order emergencies to streamline maintenance requests and optimize communication between residents, property managers, and vendors. By offering either round-the-clock or solely after-hours support, this collaboration will enhance the overall resident experience, reduce the burden on property management teams, and solve or de-escalate 48% of after-hours requests resulting in an unprecedented ROI for community owners and operators.

“The partnership with Latchel aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance operational efficiency and resident satisfaction,” said Daniel Cunningham, CEO of Leonardo247. “By providing a solution that can put residents in touch with a live person in just seconds while also offering AI technology to streamline the process, together we are empowering real estate operators to deliver exceptional maintenance support, regardless of the time of day.”

Latchel’s call center represents the largest of it’s kind dedicated to processing and resolving work orders and is underpinned by advanced AI technology to triage maintenance requests and provide real-time updates to residents throughout the process. With this collaboration, Leonardo247 clients will be able to take advantage of Latchel’s seamless integration with the Leonardo247 work order modules, further streamlining their maintenance operations and improving workflow efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Leonardo247 to deliver resident work order support for their clients,” said Ethan Lieber, CEO of Latchel. “With our combined expertise, we can ensure that real estate operators have access to top-notch maintenance coordination services around the clock, utilizing both live assistants and AI that ultimately enhances tenant satisfaction and drives operational success.”

This partnership between Leonardo247 and Latchel represents a significant step in revolutionizing the way maintenance support is delivered in the real estate industry. By combining their respective strengths, both companies aim to redefine the standards of effective and affordable maintenance support that provides unparalleled value to their clients.

For more information about Leonardo247 and its suite of property management solutions, please visit www.leonardo247.com. To learn more about Latchel and its innovative maintenance coordination and resident amenity services, please visit www.latchel.com.

About Leonardo247

Leonardo247 is the leader in property operations and maintenance software, providing real-time insights and automation to multifamily properties nationwide. The platform streamlines maintenance processes, ensures compliance, and optimizes operational performance, enabling property managers to deliver exceptional service to residents.

About Latchel

Latchel is a technology-driven service that provides 24/7 maintenance coordination and resident amenity services for property managers and owners. By leveraging a network of skilled professionals and advanced technology, Latchel ensures timely and efficient resolution of maintenance issues, enhancing resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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