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Using Proptech to Boost Employee Retention

From property managers to maintenance technicians, is proptech the secret weapon against burnout in multifamily operations?

Struggling with team morale and employee retention? You’re not alone. Multifamily owners and operators face ongoing challenges in hiring and retaining employees, made worse by occupational burnout.

Long hours and overwhelming responsibilities contribute to high turnover and burnout rates, with some experiencing up to 70% of their workers leave every year, including seasoned property managers and maintenance staff.

Considering the existing burnout and turnover issues, property owners and operators are understandably hesitant to introduce new tools that could burden their workforce further. However, is it possible that investing in proptech could enhance employee satisfaction and boost retention?

In the following sections, we’ll explore how proptech can alleviate stress, save valuable time, and boost morale for you and your team. Let’s begin!

Maintenance Technician

Imagine this: After the morning team meeting, the maintenance team heads to the office to review work orders that came in overnight. They divide the new work orders and head out on property. While heading to the first unit, a resident reports a light outage nearby. The maintenance tech thanks the resident for the information, but they forget to relay the info to the property manager to submit a work order. The note gets lost, leading to potential injuries and resident dissatisfaction. How can we expect them to stay on top of tasks, inspections, and preventative maintenance with pen and paper?

Operations and Maintenance solutions, like the Leonardo247 mobile app, provide accountability and guidance to onsite teams. Maintenance technicians can log resident requests instantly through the app, including tasks, photos, and submissions. The task can be viewed by the entire maintenance team. Paperwork and office visits become obsolete.

Property Manager

We ask a lot from our onsite teams, particularly the property managers. While employees in other industries may enjoy a little downtime before their workday begins, there’s no such thing as “downtime” in the life of a property manager.

They’re asked to wear a million different hats and have to be an expert in seemingly everything. They handle occupancy rates, maintenance, rent payments, and constant troubleshooting.

Incidents on property are a fact of life. It’s common for accidents like slips, falls, or car crashes to happen. Whenever such incidents occur, which may potentially lead to property damage, injuries, or other liability issues, it’s essential for the property manager to create an incident report. However, amidst the pressure of numerous other responsibilities, it’s possible for the manager to inadvertently utilize an outdated form, overlook the collection of witness statements, neglect obtaining signatures from residents, or even forget to capture photographic evidence.

To stay organized and delegate tasks effectively, they need a reliable system. How can they keep their day organized and make sure they’re delegating the appropriate tasks to their team? Proptech platforms enable them to use the most recent incident management form, and prompts them to complete all required fields, photos, signatures, and more.

Regional Manager

Unlike property managers, regional managers oversee multiple properties. They handle market surveys, budget reviews, resident complaints, and property visits. They rely on constant communication with onsite teams, bombarding them with emails and messages to get the information they need. Real-time visibility across all properties is crucial for effective management. They never seem to have the property updates delivered to them in a timely manner and they have to keep following up with property managers, and then they have to compile all the different property data into a spreadsheet before sending to corporate.  Both activities cost them a lot of time.  Using the proper Operations and Maintenance solution can aggregate and compile the on-site data automatically and deliver to the Regional Manager on demand.

How Proptech Can Help

How do you boost employee retention? The answer is simple: recognize good work and invest in improving the tools available to your team. Onsite staff is all too often still working with paper and spreadsheets in a world of smartphones and cloud computing. Providing people with access and training on newer cloud-based and mobile software technologies not only improves skill sets and job satisfaction but also benefits the whole business. Information from these systems is more timely, accurate, and easily shared with others in the company. Proptech has become indispensable for seamless experiences among regional managers, onsite teams, and residents. Simplify your property operations and maintenance activities with the best technology solution. Request a demo of Leonardo247 today.

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