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Keep Your Real Estate Operations on the Same Page

The days of the real estate operations binder at the community level are done. Leonardo247 puts relationships first -- watch to learn more!

The days of the real estate operations binder at the community level are done

Leonardo247 does a lot for us. We have a decentralized real estate platform with properties literally from coast to coast.

We struggled to get people on the same page, even though we used a lot of technology.

Above all, what we wanted to do was create a one-stop-shop for our team members. And we wanted them to be able to source policies and procedures, the tasks of the day, and inspection items.

Again, Leonardo247 is a one-stop-shop that makes us better.

Real Estate Operations That Put Relationships First

The apartment industry is a small world. And Leonardo recognizes that. One of the ways they show it is that they’re about the relationship.

Also, the customer service from Leonardo has been excellent. They’re a great group of people.

Let’s say you’re considering Leonardo247.

Does your company have assets or real estate operations in multiple markets?

Are your properties or agents decentralized from your corporate office?

Most importantly, are you looking for a platform that will keep everybody engaged and on the same page?

In conclusion, if you want to ensure that critical tasks are actually getting done, Leonardo is an excellent product for that.

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