Infographic: The 20th Century Called. They’d like those spreadsheets back.

May 11, 2022 | Leo Library

The 20th Century Called. They’d like those spreadsheets back.

We get it. Everybody and their grandpa manages their operations and maintenance with spreadsheets. It’s hard to avoid them. Spreadsheets are everywhere. Spreadsheets are familiar.

Spreadsheets are also probably costing you more money than they’re saving.

If you want a perfect example of “one size fits none,” look to the spreadsheet. It’s one app and there’s a million things you can do with it, but the thing that’s done is never quite the right thing.

Oh, and there’s the added bonus of a million ways to mess a spreadsheet up.

No surprise then that the spreadsheet–along with its business partner, email–are collectively responsible for the highest proportion of input errors and nearly 70% of all the corrections employees make*.


That’s ridiculous.

Spreadsheets may have worked for grandpa last century, but here, more than two decades into the current one, 20% won’t cut it, never mind 70%. It’s time to switch to smarter, simpler, and less error-filled solutions. Check out the infographic below to see why.

spreadsheets vs leo for efficiency

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