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Elevating the Multifamily Tech Stack

Bobbi Steward, Founder & CEO of Revyse, joined us on Apartment Academy to discuss how the platform is redefining the proptech acquisition landscape.

Daniel Cunningham, CEO of Leonardo247 and host of the Apartment Academy podcast was joined by Bobbi Steward, Founder & CEO of Revyse to explain how the Revyse platform and community help buyers make smarter decisions about their multifamily tech stack.

A Decade in Multifamily: Bobbi’s Journey

Bobbi kicked off the conversation by reflecting on her remarkable decade in the multifamily industry. Starting on the vendor side with G5, she later navigated the ILS world at, where she led consumer and B2B marketing. 

Her “big break” came when she made the leap to the operator side, again working in marketing and customer experience. Bobbi humorously recalled the eye-opening experience of realizing that everything she thought she knew about the industry was drastically different once she was in the trenches.

Tackling a Common Pain Point

Bobbi’s journey laid the groundwork for her latest endeavor, Revyse. It was born out of a shared pain point experienced in her time on the operator side. 

The almost daily complaint that fueled her vision? The cumbersome process of onboarding new technologies. The mission? To create a platform that streamlines the tech discovery process, making it transparent, self-guided, and more enjoyable.

What Makes Revyse Different?

Revyse is not just another platform but a game-changer in the multifamily tech landscape. Its two main features are the Discovery Marketplace and Vendor Review Platform. Each is designed to modernize the proptech sales process. 

The platform empowers both vendors and buyers by providing a transparent, self-guided buying experience. Operators can now effortlessly explore and evaluate a myriad of innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs, all while maintaining the pace set by the Amazon model of self-guided discovery.

User reviews emerge as a powerful currency on the Revyse platform. Vendors can showcase their products with user reviews, adding a layer of authenticity and trust. Listings with reviews garner four to eight times more traffic, emphasizing the significance of transparent feedback in the proptech landscape.

Bridging the Gap Between Vendors and Operators

Revyse’s approach differs from mainstream review sites like G2 and Capterra, recognizing the unique structure and needs of the multifamily industry. 

With 150,000 page views in just a few months, Revyse has rapidly become the go-to platform for operators seeking efficient and transparent tech solutions. 

The platform ensures a direct line of communication between buyers and sellers, fostering quick and informed decision-making.

What’s Next?

Bobbi provided us with a sneak peek into Revyse’s upcoming release – the Stack Intelligence. This groundbreaking tool is set to revolutionize how operators manage their ever-expanding tech stacks. 

By providing a unified view of all third-party contracts, visualizing tech usage across the resident life cycle, and facilitating efficient contract management, Stack Intelligence aims to streamline operations and drive meaningful insights about your multifamily tech stack.

As Bobbi and the Revyse team continue to redefine the tech sourcing landscape, the multifamily industry seems poised for a new era of transformative growth.


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