Leo247 Due Diligence Infographic

Infographic: Turning the Due Diligence Process into 4 Simple Steps

Infographic: See how Leonardo247 uses AI to streamline multifamily real estate acquisitions by automating the due diligence in 4 simple steps.

Leo247’s AI-powered platform makes fast, accurate self-serve due diligence possible

Acquisitions are commonplace in multifamily real estate and due diligence is a key component. Until recently, the due diligence process was a major undertaking requiring physical inspections, detailed asset documentation, and financials to be collected, input and analyzed in a very short time.

Now, however, Leonardo247 is using AI to streamline the due diligence process and turn what was once a heavy-lift operation into four simple steps. Checkout the infographic below to see how it works.

Leo247 Due Diligence Infographic
Leo247 Due Diligence platform uses AI to simplify multifamily real estate acquisitions

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