Real ROI. Real fast.

Cut your costs, improve your operations, and get a 300% return on investment in months, not years


Based on industry data, the average multifamily property operator who uses the Leonardo247 platform for their property operations and maintenance saves around $20,000 per property and sees a 300% return on investment in the first year*.

For many Leo platform users that ROI is closer to 400%.

What’s more, getting savings and ROI like this isn’t a years-long process. Most customers are up and running in a matter of weeks – including integrations with property management systems – and their investment has paid for itself in months.

Real ROI. Real fast.


Leonardo247 already has more than 2 million units on the platform, and we count the nation’s top multifamily owners and operators as customers.

If you want to know what it’s like to get real ROI real fast, use our free ROI Quick Calc below. With just two pieces of information and 10 seconds of your time, you’ll have an estimate of how much you could be saving right away.

* Calculations based on NAA national survey of operating costs and Leonardo247 survey of user’s operating costs. Personnel assumptions are one property manager and one maintenance employee per 100 units, each with 2,000 work hours in a 52 week period.

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