Cutting edge Risk Mitigation and Management
made possible by the power of three

Risk Mitigation Partnership

Global risk and insurance advisor Marsh, Greystar, the world leader in rental real estate, and Leonardo247, developer of AI-backed risk mitigation and management platforms, are working together to help manage risk across the Greystar multifamily portfolio.

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Expert insight, real world data and industry-leading AI

Automated Mitigation

The Leo247 AI works in the background to provide comprehensive risk mitigation and management automatically

Real time insights

Non-compliance never goes unnoticed with Leo247’s real-time data analysis.

Daily Delivery

Custom-tailored tasks and inspections are delivered automatically to each property everyday.

Always up-to-date

Leo247 works continuously to update and instantly disseminate information throughout the portfolio.

Detailed logging

Leo247 keeps detailed, time-stamped records on all mitigation activities.

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