Complete Due Diligence Platform

An easy to use, customizable solution to capture the data you need and create the professional reporting your clients expect. 

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Unit x Unit Inspection

You have a lot of units to get through in a short amount of time. Using any mobile device, you can capture all necessary information, take photos, and even tally capital budget items without fear of losing anything regardless of data connectivity.

Simple interface for fast and efficient data capturing.

“Since using Leonardo247, I’ve been able to complete unit walks in shorter time frame, which in turn saves money!”
Lori Brennan

Brand Standards Manager, Bozzuto

Let’s you know your data is secure as you go, even off-line.

Real-time completion metrics by unit, user, or building.

Real-time scheduling metrics from any device.

Dashboard allows for fast navigation and editing.

Lease File Audit

Compare paper lease file data to electronic records with lightning speed and then immediately run exception reports and derive key demographic and financial insights. Easily correct and re-upload report data to make sure your final reports read exactly right.
“Leonardo247 seamlessly brings field teams and those ‘behind the scenes’ together to manage the entire DD process. The DD reporting is game changing, it’s beyond anything we could have imagined.
Dave Denslow


Quick form editor allows for customization without slowing you down.

Our easy-to-use interface saves you time and headaches.

Exterior & Common Areas

Using your phone or tablet, walk the common areas noting conditions of the property and amenities using a completely customizable digital inspection form and then produce an expected capital budget report with photos and annotations.

Simple interface for efficient data capture.

“When they came out with the Due Diligence package last year it was a game-changer. We did 39 transitions in the last 3 years. All due diligence done before was on Excel spreadsheets, and it was very cumbersome for the teams. We basically gave them our spreadsheets and said, this is what we want to capture, and they created it for us.
Robin Flagler

President, AION Management

Professional PDF reports created in seconds.

Matching LFA reports for a complete and uniform reporting package.


The Leo247 due diligence reporting engine allows you to download your data into excel and scrub the data as many times as needed before generating your final professionally-formatted reports.
Leonardo247 has the most comprehensive and all-inclusive reporting on due diligences than any other system that I have seen. It leaves no questions unanswered. As a manager of operations who leads DDs and answers questions directly from clients, I am able to quickly locate and communicate specific information requested. The charts and graphs make the content easy to understand and breaks everything out in great detail!”
Dayna Domino

Project Manager, Greystar

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